Obama's hypocritical endorsement of Juliana Stratton over anti-Madigan Rep. Ken Dunkin

Barack Obama’s endorsement of Juliana Stratton over anti-Madigan Illinois Rep. Ken Dunkin couldn’t be a more obvious demonstration of the president’s hypocrisy.

In his Springfield speech last month, Obama spoke about the need for political cooperation with such passion that one might have even believed that he meant it. As NBC News reported:

Bemoaning a “poisonous political climate” that made citizens cynical and disillusioned and leaders unable to achieve great goals, Obama posed the challenge: “What can we do all of us together to try to make our politics better?”

Ken Dunkin

Ken Dunkin

Gee, he suggested, I wish we all could be more compromising and respectful, speaking of Washington, where he is generally regarded as the uncompromising president. Then he turns to Illinois, where political gridlock between Republican Gov. Bruce Rauner and Democratic House Majority Leader Mike Madigan has crippled government. So what does he do? He lays it on the one Democratic who is willing to work “across the aisle” in opposition to Madigan’s iron-fisted control over Democrat lambs to solve the Illinois budget crisis.

Reported the Chicago Tribune:

More pointedly, Obama singled out Democratic state Rep. Ken Dunkin of Chicago, who has sided with Rauner on several issues to deny House Speaker Michael Madigan a 71-vote, veto-proof majority. Dunkin is facing a primary challenge and is being backed for re-election by Rauner allies.

Obama said reaching political compromise across the aisle “doesn’t make me a sellout to my own party.” Dunkin jumped out of his chair and shouted “Yes!” before Obama verbally slammed him.

“We’ll talk later Dunkin. Sit down,” Obama said as Democrats — and even some Republicans — erupted into wild cheers.

If they talked later, Obama may have informed Dunkin that he was endorsing a Madigan patsy Juliana Stratton for his seat.

The hypocrisy of Obama’s return to the Chicago Way of politics is again best explained by Chicago Tribune columnist John Kass, “Obama backs Boss Madigan the Chicago Way.”

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  • Just who is surprised?

    Hypocrite, thy name is Obama. But he is an emperor with no shame and no clothing.

  • fb_avatar

    When Progressivesa talk about compromise, they never mean they should compromise, they mean the other side should,always.

  • In reply to Jill Marie:

    Give us an example where libby's NEED to compromise and refuse. The current GOP clown car grew exponentially with the lowest common denominator now effectively in control. Do you expect progressives to become regressive and allow these neanderthals to dictate their archaic xenophobic, homophobic, misogynistic, sexist, and intolerant behavior as some valid argument solely based on "traditional" ideology or 1950's value system. Well, its not 1950 and tolerating intolerance will never be on the table for compromise.

  • Since the Stratton campaign is digging up dirt, Stratton should be asked:

    1. Why she and her husband are not living together anymore ?
    2. How she got her job at University of Illinois (where her husband is President of the Board of the Alumni Association) ?
    3. How their daughter was clouted into the school with very average h.s. grades ?

  • In reply to Tost81593:

    Who cares. Dunkin's a traitor that fooked millions of families by giving Gov. Ruiner his vote. Period.

  • Don't pity Ken Dunkin too much. He is being paid very well by Gov. Rauner to be "the one Democratic who is willing to work 'across the aisle.'"

  • In reply to jnorto:

    No, pity the serf's under the Madigan kingdom. Illinois, the most financially abysmal state in the union, Rauner didn't build that.

  • In reply to 4zen:

    "Illinois, the most financially abysmal state in the union"
    Not even close. Gov. Dickback of Kansas and Gov. Jinduh of Louisiana screwed their respective states up beyond belief.

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