Where does Donald Trump stand on abortion?

It’s hard to tell. As on many issues, it’s difficult to nail him down. Question him directly and he fills the air with non sequiturs, answers to questions weren’t asked, personal attacks and other rip-rap until you’ve entirely forgotten the question.

So, here is an article in lifenews.com that tries to sort it out:

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump has been taking criticism from pro-life voters for his repeated claims that the Planned Parenthood abortion business does “good work” and “wonderful things.” Today the head of the abortion company took notice and said she appreciates Trump’s kind words about it.

der donaldSo, after reading the detailed article, I’m not so sure I know either. He says Planned Parenthood does a lot of good work, but he doesn’t know what percentage of their services goes to abortions. (The percentage of the total dollar costs of the services provided, not a percentage in which each service, such as  dispensing a contraceptive, is counted the same as an abortion. That’s is a dodge that Planned Parenthood loves to cite and which many of its supporters blindly cite.)

He says he’d appoint a Supreme Court judge in the image of Antonin Scalia, but he gets praised by Planned Parenthood. He’s so slippery that I can’t see how any pro-life supporter can back Trump. Or, for that matter, a pro-choicer.

Below are some more of the stories about Trump that lifenews.com has carried. Although the headlines make him sound firmly pro-life, I don’t trust him on the issue any more than his promise to make Mexico pay for his “great wall.”

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