Hillary Clinton overlooks Illinois' robber barons of the 21st Century

“Democratic presidential contender Hillary Clinton delivered a surprising critique of Republican Gov. Bruce Rauner on Wednesday, accusing him of pushing an agenda that would return Illinois to ‘the robber barons of the 19th century.'”–Chicago Tribune

One thing you can say about Hillary Clinton: She sure has balls. She overlooks who the actual robber barons are

 (John J. Kim, Chicago Tribune)

(John J. Kim, Chicago Tribune)

of the 21st Century: House Speaker Michael Madigan, Senate President Madigan’s Acolyte, the Democrats who have run Illinois into a deep rut–in Illinois and Chicago.

Said she:

“When I look at what’s happening here in Illinois, (it’s a) Republican agenda to roll back the clock on everything that made the middle class strong in the 20th century, it’s pretty terrifying,” Clinton said.

Spare us, please. The Illinois and the Chicago middle class in particular are the biggest victims of the Democratic stranglehold on Chicago and Illinois. Those that can’t flee are getting crushed by an economy fashioned to benefit only government workers. Businesses are looking elsewhere because of the anti-business climate. Regulations and a corrupt government also are Democratic leavings.

Hillary, stick around if you think Democratic-controlled Illinois is such a wonderful place.

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