Those stupid, greedy presidential debates

Tonight is another circus–the Republican presidential debate–that has become a commercialized, goofy showcase for that most goofy of candidates, Donald Trump.

For a intelligent analysis of what’s wrong with networks making big money off the debates, I recommend Jim Warren’s insightful “America’s weird way of picking a leader.” on Poynter’s Morning Media Wire. Disclosure: Jim and I were colleagues years ago at the Chicago Sun-Times, but he has gone on to much better things.

Read why Americans need to learn about the nation’s most ignored war .

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  • A spot-on assessment of Donald Trump.

  • Trump may be the most goofy of candidates, but against the back drop of the rest of the GOP field, he's only incrementally more goofy. The thing about Trump, though is that he's consistent. Even his doctor, who said that Trump would be the healthiest president ever elected is not only goofy, he goes to Trump's hair stylist.

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