Feds seize computers, files on Chicago officials from outgoing inspector general

Ace political reporter Natasha Korecki, formerly of the Chicago Sun-Times and now with Politico, reports that  “FBI agents seized a trove of investigative documents, computers and files from legislative inspector general Faisal Khan’s office on Friday, its last day overseeing Chicago elected officials.”

Khan has been working with the FBI on some undisclosed projects and the move was designed the preserve the records from the dastardly Chicago machine hacks. Chicago political corruption indeed is fertile ground for the feds.  She wrote:

Khan said some of the officials he investigated were “devoid of ethical morals and values.”…“Thirty aldermen over 40 years have gone to jail — this is the place where it’s most needed,” he said.  “We are the third biggest metropolis in the country. I would describe to you that the oversight in Chicago is comparable to the Wild West — anything goes.”

Might it make some of those aldermen choke on their ribeye?

Here is Korecki’s complete story.

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