GOP debate winner:Carly Fiorina. Losers: Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton & Barack Obama

Carly Fiorina came away as the winner of the GOP debates–a surprise to everyone except those who know her and have heard her speak. She was assigned to the JV squad (the early, non-prime-time debate between the seven candidates who didn’t make the first team cut) because only about 40 percent of Republicans know who she is. That’s about to change.

Carly Florina

Carly Florina

Her answers on the FOX News televised debate were concise, clear,  intelligent and informed. She was particularly eloquent on foreign affairs and the deficiencies of the assumed Democratic presidential nominee, Hillary Clinton. Even GOP presidential contender and former Texas Gov. Rick Perry said he’d rather have had Fiorina negotiate on America’s behalf instead of Sec. of State John Kerry on the Iranian nuclear program.

I strongly disagree with commentators who thought that Donald Trump acquitted himself well, saying he was spontaneous, blah and blah. He once again exposed himself as someone whose character disqualifies him as president of the United States. Just one example: He made the audacious claim that Republicans were not talking about immigration until he came along and turned the spotlight on the issue. It’s a bald-faced lie; the debate had been going on for months, years before he showed up. The man is dangerous.

The remainder of the 17 Republican candidates generally made a solid showing, although Sen. Rand Paul failed to make a strong case for the libertarian cause.

A related question: Do you think when the Democrats have their first debate in a couple of months that Hillary Clinton will deign to answer any questions? At last?


To get a sense of the widespread sense that Florina won, Google Carly Florina debate

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  • I am presuming that the Democratic debate will be run along the same lines and according to the same rules as a press conference with our President Obama. The questions will be pre-screened, the answers prepared in advance. Topics will be completely off limits, and there will be no opportunity for any candidate to be caught flat footed without a properly canned response. And of course, everything prepared for Hillary will be designed to show her in the most positive light possible while stealing the greatest amount of attention from anyone who has the audacity to oppose her. If you like over-rehearsed mellow drama, I suppose it might be interesting.

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