How Gov. Rauner can bring down Boss Michael Madigan

John Kass has a brilliant column in today’s Chicago Tribune on how Gov. Bruce Rauner can bring down the seemingly invincible Boss Michael Madigan.

Madigan has been running things for decades in Illinois and is deeply responsible for bringing the state to its financial knees. But because Madigan has a grip on his own legislative district (filled with voters and their families who owe him) he has no local opposition. So, the common wisdom is that no one can realistically challenge him by taking away his House seat.

Kass has a suggestion that goes after Madigan where his weakness lays–in his lust for money and power. It would involve going after what has become the weakest link in the Democratic machine’s chain: “Cook County Assessor Joe Berrios. Cook County Democratic Party Chairman Joe Berrios. Mike Madigan’s handmaiden and loyal servant Joe Berrios.”

Read it now. If not brilliant, highly entertaining.

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