Pro-choice forces push anti-conscience abortion bill through Illinois legislature

As if we weren’t looking, pro-choice forces this week are pushing an anti-conscience abortion bill through the Illinois Legislature.

Illinois Senate Bill 1564, which rewrites the Health Care Right of Conscience Act, is designed to cripple or shut down  pregnancy resource centers, such as Aid for Women and the Women’s Center, that offer women alternatives to abortion.  Ironically, the bill reduces choices for women and takes direct aim at health care providers whose conscience (whether religiously inspired or for logical reasons) does not allow them to participate in abortions.

That means that workers at pregnancy crisis centers would have to violate their conscience by describing the “benefits” of abortion and refer clients to abortion clinics.

The existing Health Care Right of Conscience Act already provides sufficient protections for both health care providers and women seeking abortions. These changes, supported by the extremist (on abortion issues) American Civil Liberties Union and Planned Parenthood, in fact make it all the more difficult for health care providers to follow their consciences. If pregnancy resource centers were the only place in Illinois that women could learn about abortions, this legislation might make sense. But is there a pregnant women in all of Illinois who doesn’t know how to get a legal abortion? In such cases, the constitutional right of conscience trumps the right to get an abortion from everyone. 

Americans United for Life makes a good case (here) for Illinois legislators to vote against Senate Bill 1564. Among their arguments:

  • Health care professionals would be required to discuss the “benefits” of abortion and information on where to obtain abortions. Pregnancy resource centers that offer “health care” such as ultrasounds, and perhaps even pregnancy testing, would be forced to violate their core mission under this proposal.
  • SB 1564’s attack on the freedom of conscience advances a radical ideology and fails to meet any demonstrated need.
  • SB 1564’s attack on the freedom of conscience would be counterproductive for patient access to care in Illinois.

This extremist, anti-conscience strategy has been tried, but failed to succeed elsewhere in the country, including New York City. Like LGBT advocates, pro-choicers (i.e. anti-lifers) won’t be appeased until everyone thinks and behaves as they demand.

Let your Illinois senator and representative know that you’re not going to let the pro-choice (anti-life) lobby get away with this sneak attack. Here is where you can find your Illinois legislator contact information.

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    Yes, why demand DOCTORS to do their job? If you can't do your job because your a bigot, then you have no business being a doctor.

    These people, upset that doctors have to give information... that's the value of their "freedom" - inhibiting others'.

  • So a fetus aborted is a murder victim, but innocent people killed in a drone attack are merely collateral damage? Where is your outrage for the latter?

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    Abortion is obviously a hot topic issue that many people feel uncomfortable talking about. Regardless of your beliefs regarding abortion, it is important for communities and doctors to inform women of their options when it comes to family planning. Regardless of anyone's personal beliefs, it is important for individuals to be informed to enable them to make their own decisions. I hope that doctors will continue to accurately inform women of all their family planning options to arm them with the necessary knowledge to make a choice.

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