Another fine mess, brought to you by O'Hare Airport expansion

The Chicago Tribune reports on its front page:

 A bridge for trains to pass over Irving Park Road in Bensenville has been billed as the answer to traffic gridlock at the bustling York Road intersection near O’Hare International Airport.

With the project partially completed, the road reopened Sunday night to most vehicles, but because of low clearance, semitrailer trucks were detoured. Within two hours, at least three trucks unsuccessfully tried to squeeze under the bridge. By the following day, a dozen more had hit the structure. It was closed again — this time for the duration of the four-month construction.

Least we forget, the untangling of the York Road intersection was one of the ballyhooed benefits of the expansion of O’Hare International Airport. The people in Bensenville were supposed to be especially appreciative of the road project, even though a thriving neighborhood of affordable homes and thriving businesses east of the railroad tracks would be wiped out by the expansion.

Now the remaining businesses also will suffer, thank you very much.

But it’ll be “only” for four months.

Add this to the false promise of “western access” to the airport and a new western terminal–something that was supposed to energize the communities west of the airport and create something of a Rosemont-like economic boom.

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