NBC News must fire anchor Brian Williams for 'misremembering'

Because he lied and because he trashed the profession of journalism–my profession–NBC News must fire anchor Brian Williams for “misremembering” his near-death experience in Iraq.

By now, Williams is a national laughing stock for falsely recollecting that he was aboard a helicopter that was nearly shot down in Iraq years ago. He assertion that he didn’t lie, but only “misremembered” the incident is drawing chortles all around the country because how can you “misremember” something as memorable as nearly dying in combat.

I suppose that in Williams’ mind, looking like a fool is preferable to being a liar.

If you want to see and enjoy how much Brian Williams is being ridiculed, check out this story from the Hill, “Brian Williams under fire — from Twitter.” There are many more such posts, so follow the link.

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Ben Shapiro @benshapiro Follow “Brian Williams discusses the time he cut off Captain Hook’s hand and threw it to an alligator.”

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  • NBC needs to put a disclaimer before, during, and after every broadcast. "Nothing in this broadcast is true or factual. NBC News is for entertainment purposes only. All anchors and "reporters" are actors who play journalists on T.V."

  • You mean people still watch TV news? Brian who?

    Objective journalism, if it ever existed, died about 1955, with Perry White "don't call me 'Chief'".

    I think it would be worse punishment to keep Williams on the air so he can be Tweeted to death with parody. Might even improve the ratings.

  • Hey Dennis, as a "journalist" LOL. I'm sure you've called for the firing every night of Sean Hannity, Bill O'Reilly, the idiots on Fox & friends for their daily B.S. Right? Right? I mean, a man of your journalistic integrity, wouldn't let their daily transgressions slide. Would he? I mean one would have to be a partisan hack to do that. Wouldn't he?

  • In reply to crazylegs:

    Uh...crazylegs....Hannity, O'Reilly and the Fox & Friends dolts (yes, they are) are not "journalists", just the facts, ma'am types. They are pundits and commentators. Last I checked, O'Reilly did not claim to be in JFK's limo when he was shot, just as an example. Or chasing John Wilkes Boothe out the Ford Theater after Lincoln was shot. I don't even think Hannity has even misrepresented himself as an Eagle Boy Scout.

    Now go back to being the only one watching true journalists at work, on MSNBC. They can't lose their last viewer.

  • In reply to Richard Davis:

    Richard, not being honest isn't OK just because you're a pundit.

  • In reply to Richard Davis:

    uh.... Richard... you much watch Fox a lot. That's the same excuse their "pundits" use for constantly misrepresenting the truth. And you obviously have watched enough to know what Billo & Insanity have claimed or not claimed, huh?
    As to the comment about MSNBC, sounds like more swill from the Fox machine.

  • True enough, Jimmy. Honesty and trust are essential. As far as the Fox mob goes, crazylegs, I'll call for their firing too when they claim to have done heroic stuff in combat that they didn't do. Not only has Williams shamed the professional (at least that's what we called it when I started at the Chicago Daily News), but he also dishonored the many who have truly endangered their lives with their service.

  • In reply to Dennis Byrne:

    So they can lie all day everyday, as long as it isn't about "heroic" stuff or impune the mighty integrity of your profession? Come on Dennis, we all know you're a partisan hack, why do you pretend otherwise?

  • In reply to crazylegs:

    I'm partisan in favor of honest journalism, as I was taught at Marquette University (class of 1963). I don't attach the requirement that it only be about "heroic stuff." I don't don't give a damn from which side of the political divide the bias comes. If you have evidence that I'm duplicitous in this regard, let's see it.

  • In reply to Dennis Byrne:

    Dennis, when can we expect your call for the firing of Bill O'Reilly for his "claim to have done heroic stuff in combat" that he didn't do?

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