Howard Dean's right that Scott Walker's failure to finish college makes him unqualified to be president

I should know, I went to Marquette University and the same as Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker, I failed to take the courses that would have qualified me to be president. As former governor Howard Dean so aptly put it, without that final year of college presidential-prep course work, Walker is unqualified to be president and “unknowledgeable,” especially about science, which right-winers like Scott don’t understand.

I did graduate from Marquette, but in my senior year I was taking courses like the Redemptive Incarnation, which brought me up to date on the thinking about the divinity of Christ. But here, from the Marquette course catalog are the ones I should have taken if I wanted to run for president.

PP (presidential prep)1101: Introduction to lying to voters and getting away with it.

PP2481: Tackles the key political and policy debates surrounding the many ways to screw up the nation’s health care system.

PP2207: Public Administration for folks who have never run anything in their lives.

PP2378: Theory and practice of making high-level appointments of people who are primarily committed to an ideological agenda while ignoring life’s realities.

PP4304: The politics of non-negotiable policies.

PP4305: The evolution and contemporary status of stiffing Congress with the use of unconstitutional executive orders. (Taken in conjunction with PP4304.)

PP 508: Advanced seminar on how to ignore world-wide threats to freedom while pretending it’s your highest priority. (PP2207 required.)

Dean’s right. Because Scott didn’t finish his last year of college, he doesn’t respect science. As Dean so sagely said,

 The issue here is not just an issue of dancing around the question of evolution for political reasons, the issue is how well educated is this guy? And that’s a problem.

I mean, after all, Dean went to Yale and had a medical degree. That makes him smarter than everyone else. And, after all, President Barack Obama has fully disclosed what courses he took in college and his grades.

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    how many presidents finished college ? for that matter how many went to college and what has college done for Omama?besides those questions,all the colleges are leftist we need a centrist.

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    oh,I see,comments are not allowed unless they agree with your it!

  • Hey, its parody.

  • Maybe Walker didn't finish because the Jesuits required that he take an ethics course?

  • In reply to Aquinas wired:

    I don't know what it was like when Walker went there, but ethics was a course that the Jesuits made us take as part of their 15 hours of philosophy and 12 hours of theology course requirements. I wonder if anyone is required to take ethics or logic these days. They've probably been replaced on the required list by some ethnocentric gibberish.

  • In reply to Aquinas wired:

    I can't speak to Marquette, but at Loyola not only was there an ethics course early on, but the philosophy of the institution was imbued with living ethically.

    Let's ask Mr. Obama about that ethics course of his. Oh, wait. Records are sealed.

    If Walker does let out a primal scream ala Dean, then I might have second thoughts.

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