The veto of the Keystone Pipeline by Barack Obama, the anti-science president of 'no'

President Barack Obama’s veto of the bi-partisan congressional authorization of the Keystone XL pipeline is telling, revealing him to be the anti-science president of ‘no.’

Yes, yes, I know that progressives have tried to copyright accusations of “anti-science” and the “politics of no” to be hurled exclusively at conservatives and Republicans.  But, if the shoe fits the president, he should wear it.

His veto of the bi-partisan bill is anti-science because the pipeline needs no more study, as he claims. It has been studied and restudied, and based on those studies, Obama’s own State Department approved the pipeline. Oh, you say that the science is conflicting, that some studies disagree with the bulk of the research that give the pipeline the green light? Then, I gather that you would grant the same benefit of the doubt to those “climate change deniers” who same the same respect should be given to research that dissents from the “consensus” allegedly supporting  theories of man-make global warming.

Along those lines, maybe you can come up with some studies that demonstrate that moving crude oil and its products by rail car is safer and more environmentally friendly.

Obama’s veto clearly makes him the president of “no.” By his own definition of what’s good for the economy and the middle class, jobs produced by infrastructure investment such as this top the list. It’s “shovel ready” and, as a bonus, a private investment. Maybe we should hate the pipeline because such huge projects ought to be built only by the government and financed by taxpayers.

Then there’s his laughable veto message:

…this act of Congress conflicts with established executive branch procedures and cuts short thorough consideration of issues that could bear on our national interest….

“Cut short?” Obama’s minions have had at six years to study it. It took less time for America to build an industrial behemoth that whipped the military colossuses of two tyrannies in World War II.  By this argument, Obama continues to regard Americans are stupid.

Look, America isn’t going to wither and die without the pipeline. Nor does environmental catastrophe await if it is built. The Keystone XL pipeline is been elevated by both sides to a hugely symbolic battle. But the weight of the evidence is that the Keystone XL pipeline be good for America. Obama’s veto is so transparently political that his veto makes him appear foolish. It is a sop to the environmental extremists on the fringe of the Democratic Party, the ones who reject common sense and science for the sake of ideology. The same kind of “flat earthers” allegedly splitting the Republican Party in two.

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  • Tell me again why moving this Canadian oil through the Keystone XL pipeline is "good for America." From the Dakotas through Texas, American oil producers are cutting back operations and laying off workers because the glut of oil has driven down prices. Aside from a few pipeline construction workers, who will benefit from Keystone XL?

  • The Keystone XL pipeline is not about science. It's about making money by wreaking havoc on the environment.

    If you're interested in the war on science, read the April issue of National Geographic. All Republicans should.

  • Yes, 3 vetoes in 6 years!! He must be the President of No! LOL. Dennis, you are such a joke. Hey where's the article on how Bill O'Reilly has tarnished your field's reputation? (Journalism? LOL). You're such a hypocrite.

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