NBC's Brian Williams' stunning ignorance about Catholics, evolution and the Big Bang

NBC News anchor Brian Williams turns himself into an idiot when he tries to tell his viewers that Pope Francis said something new and different about creation, evolution and the Big Bang.

He reported that the pope made “a surprising theological statement” when he said the church is open to the theories of evolution and the Big Bang. [Emphasis mine.]

This is not surprising nor is it news. As a Catholic, I have seen this position discussed and accepted by the church, its teachers and its members my entire life. There is no doctrine that demands that Catholics renounce the idea of evolution. Or the Big Bang.

How can people be so quick to measure popes and Catholics by stupid, ignorant stereotypes? There are a number of philosophical and scientific theories about creation, including the idea of God as a watchmaker: He built the universe’s infrastructure, as it well, and then let it run on its own. That’s just one. There’s another about a prime mover. That does not conflict with Catholic beliefs. These issues have been thoughtfully discussed as far back as Aristotle, and are no small part of thoughtful discussion in Catholic university theology and philosophy classes.

How can NBC and Williams, supposedly responsible and well-informed media leaders, be so irresponsible and ignorant? Their reliance on stereotypes and prejudices is depressing and dangerous.

How many of you hold the same false stereotype?

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  • He's Flying..................

  • It is just more anti-Catholic sentiment. The Know Nothings are on the rise again.

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