Illinois Legislature not the best place to learn how to compromise

Or for learning wisdom.

President Barack Obama is meeting today with Congressional leaders, hoping to figure out a way to move forward with the nation’s business. Compromise  and swallowing your pride will be required.

So, while most of those he’s having lunch with are experienced hands at lawmaking, of which compromise is an integral part, Obama’s not.

Let’s remember that he was a back-bencher in the Illinois Legislature, perhaps one of the most dysfunctional lawmaking bodies in the nation. From there, he ascended to the U.S. Senate, where you’d think that he would have learned something. He hasn’t. As a lawmaker, he was frequently absent or voting “present.” Rarely, if ever, did he lead. When he did vote, it was down his far-left ideological line. And in neither chamber was he a leader.

How could you expect better from Obama, when the Illinois Legislature (and the state), is run by Democratic House Speaker Mike Madigan with Senate President John Cullerton at his side. Under those guys, the Illinois House and Senate are not in the habit of compromising. Your memory may be better than mine, but when was the last time that those guys and their minions compromised on anything? That pension deal, you say? Perhaps, but it was far from enough to solve the state’s pension debt that runs beyond $100 billion.

The major question about Obama isn’t so much about where he was born, but where he learned his politics. In Chicago and Illinois being the answer does not bode well for America in the coming two years.


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  • Well, Tuesday was a step in the right direction, maybe the Supreme Court will redeem itself on the ACA. I haven't felt an optimism like this in 6 years.

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