Valerie Jarrett is the worst White House aide

Her perfect record . . . for giving bad advice.

This a must read for Chicagoans. Matthew Continetti  in the Weekly Standard asks the question: What does President Barack Obama’s shadowy advisor, Valerie Jarrett, do to earn her the $172,200 that taxpayers give her every year.

The answer is: everything and nothing good.

According to Continetti:

A confidante of the Obamas for more than two decades, variously described as the president’s “closest adviser” and a member of the “innermost ring” of influence, Jarrett clearly has the first couple’s ears. She seems to function as a sort of third party to the Obama marriage, guarding the president and his wife from bad news and outside influence while meeting with Lady Gaga. Her lack of any national political experience whatsoever—she had never been to Iowa before Obama competed there three years ago—has not prevented her from shaping the White House’s political strategy and influencing economic and foreign policies. One might liken her to Don Corleone’sconsigliere Tom Hagen, bedecked in a designer shawl, except Hagen gave better advice….

What Valerie Jarrett does best is represent the Obama administration in microcosm. She embodies its insularity, its cronyism, its cluelessness.

This is devastating stuff, unlike some of the adoration that spills forth from some Chicago devotees in the Chicago media. Continetti wrote: “…her fingerprints are on every blunder and boo-boo the White House has ever made. ” Among those he listed are his ill-fated trip to Copenhagen to pitch Chicago as the site for the 2016 Olympic games.

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  • "Valerie Jarrett is the worst White House aide" - Well, Runner-up maybe. Remember Desiree Rogers?
    Brand Obama & Gate Crashers?

    Just a thought, Dinny.

  • It could be worse.
    Remember, Obama asked Blago to give the Senate seat to Jarrett, but the price was too high.

  • In reply to clintm19:

    You're right Pat. And I'm not sure that having her as a senator would have been worse than having her embedded in the White House where apparently she can do more damage. Thanks for responding, gentlemen.

  • Aside from the trip to Copenhagen (which I am glad did not play out as they desired), there is nothing in what you posted beyond insults and allegations.

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