Schakowsky and her flunkies don't speak for this senior.

A breathless e-press release arrived today announcing:


Protect Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid in Debt Negotiations 

It runs on to proclaim:

[Today] Rep. Jan Schakowsky (D-IL) will join Latinos for a Secure Retirement (LSR) and the Illinois Alliance for Retired Americans on a press conference call to release a new report, The High Cost to Illinois of Raising the Medicare Age, detailing how increasing the Medicare eligibility age to 67 would cost Illinois more than $524 million in the first year alone.

The Super Committee in Washington is currently considering significant changes to Medicare.  As concern grows over potential cuts to the safety net for America’s seniors, poor, and disabled,

Rep. Schakowsky, a member of the President’s previous Fiscal Commission, will discuss how these proposed changes would affect Illinois families.

That the die-hard leftist Schakowsky was appointed to any fiscal commission  is prima facie evidence of  how unserious Democrats are about digging America out of its gapping debt hole. That any group that represents itself as a spokesman for seniors and  allies itself with Schakowsky has no claim on my elderly loyalties.

It breaks my old man’s heart to see pictures of follow seniors being herded from one “protest” to another, sheepishly abetting an industry that makes a living by manipulating the gullible, employing the Saul Alkinsky playbook.  Especially when it feeds their sense of victimization. When we elderly once were lads and lassies, we saw older Americans as defenders of hard work and critics of whiners. Perhaps that’s still true. But you can’t tell by watching Schakowsky’s cynical antics.

Truth is, everyone, including we seniors have to sacrifice something if we give a damn about the coming generations having any old age benefits. Outfits like the “alliance” appeal to the worst in us by refusing to consider the larger good and advancing a Baby Boomer ethic of “gimme mine.”


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