14 reviews of 'Boss,' a new Starz TV show about a Chicago Mayor

Kelsey Grammer is a hit in the new Starz series about a Chicago mayor, according to a skimming of reviews. However, the show, which premiers tonight, doesn’t fare quite as well. Chicago through the eyes of Hollywood and TV reviewers; it’s always interesting what turns up. Here are a few reviews.

John Kass, Chicago Tribune: Cheers for ‘Boss,’ even if it blurs reality a bit

Mark Brown, Chicago Sun-Times: ‘Boss’ entertaining, but doesn’t accurately portray Chicago politics

New York Times“… beautifully but ponderously shot: Chicago as seen through the eyes of a stylish European auteur.” [DB note: “Auteur?” Leave it to the NYT. Get out. We got not auteurs here. This ain’t no Paris.]

Los Angeles Times: “The actor shines in the dramatic anithero role of corrupt Chicago Mayor Tom Kane in the political drama on Starz.”

HollywoodChicago.comChicago-Set ‘Boss’ Begins With Shaky First Term

Slate: The Next “Great American TV Show”

Chicago TribuneThe actor shines in the dramatic anithero role of corrupt Chicago Mayor Tom Kane

USAToday: Kelsey Grammer rules on the unruly ‘Boss

TimeStarz’s Politics Drama Boss: Powerful But Messy, Just Like Its Subject

ABC: Kelsey Grammer transcends expectations

New York Daily News: “Imagine if Tony Soprano had run Chicago instead of the Jersey mob, and you’ll get some idea what to expect in “Boss,”

Saloon, oops I mean Salon“Boss”: Is Kelsey Grammer’s show the new “Wire”?

TV America: ‘Boss’ taps into Chicago’s ‘larger-than-life history

SouthCoastToday.com: ‘Boss’ both underwhelming and over the top


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  • So, who from Jersey Shore is going to play "Da Gov" много косе* in the 2025 pay tv movie thriller "The F-n Golden Pistachio Salesman and your F-n Grandma"?

    Not having pay TV, I can't review the movie, except that it is a bit incredulous that someone as articulate as Kelsey Grammer (or at least Frasier) is playing Mare Malaprop the Elder.

    *Mucho Hair in Serbian, according to Google Translate. I wonder it it will go through when I click "Comment."

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