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The ultra-left mob, gathered under the banner of, apparently thinks that it has nailed former Sen. Alan Simpson with a tap (below) of him calling social security recipients “lesser people.”

Simpson, co-chairman of a budget commission examining ways to reduce the deficit, was stopped by a MoveOn person (I assume) and questioned about the financial health of social security. MoveOn wants Simpson to resign for the “lesser people” remark, but watch the tape and you will clearly see that his meaning was akin to talking about the “common man,” “regular guy” and other phrasing that expresses a concern for people who have trouble keeping up financially. Or whatever euphemism you want to use. 
But who should be surprised that the frenzied minds at MoveOn are twisting someone’s words to make him look ridiculous. More important, MoveOn apparently didn’t think that Simpson would stand his ground, and call MoveOn’s scare tactics what it is: Bullshit.
Obviously, MoveOn couldn’t find anything substantive to criticize so it resorts to personal attacks. Pitiful. 

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  • This organization should be on the terror list.They bully anyone they want because iof the bankroll behind them.Play the video on TV and let the people see for themselves.They know Mr. Simpson is not a friend to them so they want him out. Mr. Simpson hold your ground against these cowards.....

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