Scott Lee Cohen planning run for governor


He’s back.

And why not? Considering the folks Illinois voters elect year after year, why not Scott Lee Cohen. What’s interesting is that Cohen reached the decision to get into the governor’s race after sampling public opinion:

Just weeks later, rumors began to circulate that Cohen was conducting polling to determine what voters thought of him. Officials at Grainger Terry, a consulting firm that helped run Cohen’s lieutenant governor campaign, confirmed Friday that Cohen paid them $30,000 to do the polling in March.

What in the world could those sampled in the poll have said that gave this jamoke the encouragement he needed to run? Can we import some new voters from Wisconsin?


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  • At least he is an admitted pimp. Not like the other politicians.

  • he will have my vote, especially he selects Art Turner as his running mate

  • In reply to ejhickey:

    I wonder if a "loser leaves" law prevents the latter. I was thinking the same about Cohen except he didn't lose.

    I think that someone pointed out on Channel 11 that Turner is waiting for Quinn to give him a state job, similar to what he subsequently gave to Hamos. I was thinking, what's the point to that, as Quinn is going to lose in November, anyway, but someone pointed out on a Daily Herald forum that, at least in Hamos's case, that's a way to double her pension. So, I don't expect anything different for Turner.

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