Chicago Cardinal seeks to silence conservative Catholic


Tom Roeser

Thomas Roeser has been the voice of the Chicago Catholic conscience for decades, but he has managed to rile Chicago's Francis Cardinal George on a number of issues, including child abuse among the priesthood. George is trying to get members of a church advisory committee to oust Roeser as chairman. 

For the complete story, check out Roeser's blog. Be sure to read the Cardinal's letter, which is quite disturbing.


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  • Dennis, the Boston laity got it right when they said: 'KEEP THE FAITH, CHANGE THE CHURCH'

  • Sad as it seems the leaders want to silence their critics by ignoring facts. The hypocrites in charge will chase away the flock for some bad shepards.I go to church for my time with God,I seldom listen to anything else.

  • I know it doesn't pay to talk about someone's faith, so to keep it on a more secular level:

    1. The Church is about as likely to listen to an advisory committee as Gov. Quinn is to listen to his economic development commission, etc.

    2. Related to the first, there was a reason for the Reformation in the 16th Century (or thereabouts).

    3. I thought that Fr. Pfleger was the de facto head of the Chicago Archdiocese.

    4. Roeser isn't silenced; he has his hour on WLS, and also his blog "to find out what he really thinks" (that is if he does); except that I stopped listening when Eugene Mullins became his favored guest.

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