Park Ridge mulling what to do about louder O'Hare


O’Hare’s new runway is bugging Park Ridge, but did the suburb wait too long to do anything about it?

Having withdrawn from the fight against O’Hare Airport expansion several years ago and getting rewarded with a new runway bringing screaming flights overhead, Park Ridge now is wondering what the hell to do about it.

The Park Ridge Herald-Advocate reports Mayor David Schmidt is cautioning against taking legal action while the suburb’s attorney Everette “Buzz” Hill is interviewing law firms to see if they have any new ideas to deal with the idea. The paper reported:

Schmidt said residents, and the city, should focus
instead on encouraging Illinois senators and local congresswoman Jan
Schakowsky to intervene. “I strongly recommend that citizens who want to
have their voice added to this contact their federal elected officials
because they are the ones with the real power to have an effect on what goes on at O’Hare,” Schmidt said.

Yeah, well good luck with that, mayor. Chicago Mayor Richard M. Daley has wrapped up Schakowsky, the FAA and the rest of that crowd of politicians. What do you expect them to do for you now? Ask the city not to use the new runway, or to use it less? Ask the taxpayers and passengers who paid for the new runway to not get its benefits?  

You should have thought about that sooner, before Park Ridge threw in the towel.

Full disclosure: I previously consulted for the communities that fought the expansion.

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