Cabs, limos and O'Hare Airport

Here is an excellent article about the problems created by rogue (unlicensed) cab drivers at O’Hare Airport. For experienced travelers, getting solicited–which is against the law–for a cab ride is no problem. Just say no.


But for inexperienced travelers and those new to town, it’s an awful scam that had gotten out of hand. Here’s hoping that the police sting will weed out these creeps.

But some questions remain:

  • I don’t understand why there is a long line of cabbies waiting to get into O’Hare and a long line of people waiting to catch a cab. Something’s amiss here.
  • Why do suburban taxi and limo passengers and drivers have to call a cab company or limo drivers first instead of being able join a line waiting for first-come, first-served service? Under the present system, the waits can be very long.

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