Last chance for Chicago public school teachers, administrators.

If the new, bloated $9.3 billion budget, fortified by federal inflation dollars doesn’t significantly improve performance, then they should be fired. Tracy Swartz explains where all this largesse will go: Catching up on capital improvements for physical plant.334 more teachers, 400 more custodians, 78 more nurse, 44 more social workers and more. After-school and summer programming.STEM,... Read more »

Here's a lucid look at what drives Trump supporters.

For people who can’t imagine why anyone would believe his schtick In a sincere effort to explain why so many millions believe the 2020 election was stolen, read this analysis, “Darryl Cooper: Why Trump Supporters Are Pissed Off And Don’t Trust Anything.” It’s too long to summarize here and it requires patience if you really... Read more »

Washington Post, Sen Durbin get marching orders: Nail Tucker Carlson.

They both blow it. He’s an anti-vaxer.  He’s the face of white grievance! He was a rich kid; white privilege!! He’s insensitive!!! Well, you can read it fall or yourself. Here’s the Washington Post’s “deep dive” into the popular Fox News commentator Tucker Carlson. Illinois Democratic Sen.Dick Durbin took to the Senate floor to nail... Read more »

Alice in Wonderland has nothing on Leftists in Fantasyland.

We’ve plunged down the rabbit hole of progressive nonsense. Alice in Wonderland is a famous Nineteenth Century satire penned by Lewis Carroll. Leftists in Fantasyland is the theatre of the absurd performed by President Joe Biden and his puppeteers. How else to explain the flight of liberals/progressives/Democrats from reality and reason? High on the list... Read more »

Unsettled global warming "science."

A flip-flop predicts worse or weaker monsoons. Monsoon clouds forming in Pradesh in central India. (Rajarshi MITRA ) Pick one: Climate change will worsen Indian monsoons, setting the stage for dangerous rains. Climate change will weaken monsoons and reduce monsoon rainfall. These are contradictory conclusions of two “expert” studies about the impact of global warming. You can... Read more »

Insanity: Colleges that require students to be vaccinated

Mostly unneeded and possibly dangerous When it made great sense to vaccinate Children. Children from Trinity Lutheran, York Center and Westmore schools eat cookies in Lombard, Ill., on April 28, 1954, after receiving their polio vaccine shots. The children were part of a test trial of the Salk polio vaccine with the DuPage County Health... Read more »

Biden eschews ice cream cone; dodges Chicago bullets

Gang violence? What gang violence? This is what Biden ignored: Nathan Wallace sheds tears as he holds onto daughter Ashanti on July 1, 2021, as they visit his daughter Natalia’s grave at Glen Oaks Cemetery in Hillside. Natalia “Natalie” Wallace was shot and killed in 2020 as her family gathered to celebrate the Fourth of... Read more »

Afghanistan: Vietnam all over again.

Another American betrayal in the works. The historic and heartbreaking picture of panicked Vietnamese officials and their families lined up to be evacuated in 1975. The last helicopter departed with many still waiting. “Oh, when will they ever learn.” — Lyrics from Pete Seeger’s antiwar song “Where have all the flowers gone,” sung by Peter,... Read more »

President Biden, say their names.

If you won’t visit the Chicago battle ground, at least acknowledge their deaths. Police work the scene where a 48-year-old man was fatally shot July 5, 2021, inside a home in the 8600 block of South Aberdeen Street. (Armando L. Sanchez / Chicago Tribune) As the Chicago Tribune reported: At least 108 people were shot in... Read more »

Biden to visit ice cream shop in Crystal Lake, Illinois

Won’t stop on Chicago’s South Side where Republicans shot 104 people over the weekend. The lucky Crystal Lake ice cream shop where Biden will stop? No official word from the White House yet about which of about a half-dozen ice cream shops located in and around suburban Crystal Lake he’ll visit. No official word that... Read more »
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