I was Covid-free in wide-open Florida for two years. Went to Virginia and it only took a few days.

Turns out, not a big deal. For years now, we’ve been hearing about how Florida and its governor, Ron DeSantis had created a killing field for Covid by refusing to take the same brutal restrictions imposed by many Blue states. Early on, we went to the beach when the media were full of stories nearly... Read more »

Who the hell are the 22 percent who believe the country is headed in the right direction?

Going over the cliff is a good thing? It’s hard to believe, but some people actually believe that the country is headed in the right direction. Are they locked in a cellar somewhere? The one that President Joe Biden campaigned from? The Economist/YouGov Poll of 1500 American adult citizens taken from May 15 to 17,... Read more »

A side of Mike Royko that liberals don't want to recall.

“He’s losing it” A timely article as abortionists and their supporters lie about what’s in Justice Samuel Alito’s draft overturning Roe v. Wade. The recent arrival of the twenty-fifth anniversary of Mike Royko’s death engendered moving and beautiful articles celebrating the talents of the iconic newspaper columnist. Mostly, the celebration featured columns that could be... Read more »

If you demand that Roe v. Wade be kept, first you should know what the hell it says.

So many haven’t the faintest idea, as reflected by the deceptive reporting about public opinion. Just one example: Politico, which was complicit in leaking the first draft of Justice Samuel Alito’s opinion that would overturn Roe v. Wade, put this headline on its deceptive spin on public support for the case: Poll: Half of voters... Read more »

A shiv in the back of the United States Supreme Court

Whoever did it deserves loathing, if not imprisonment. I will comment on the substance of the leaked Justice Samuel Alito’s draft opinion that would overturn Roe v. Wade after I read the full 98-page document. Meanwhile, it’s hard to overstate the depth of the betrayal to cherished American values, the rule of law and the functioning... Read more »

An embarrassing spectacle of shameless vanity.

White House Correspondents Dinner: One gigantic group hug. Trevor Noah lays it on at the White House Correspondents group hug. (C-Span) One of the most sought-after tickets in the media has been an invitation to the White House Correspondents Dinner, where you were on display as one of the nation’s most influential, admired and important... Read more »

Why make illegal aliens swim across the Rio Grande River?

Why subject them to this dangerous, deadly test? Should this be a solution to help illegals immigrants cross the Rio Grande? Why not just throw open the border doors instead of President Joe Biden’s requirement that men, women and children risk getting swept away and dying? For a guy and his party who claim to... Read more »

Boo-Hoo. That bad billionaire is buying Twitter

U of C Berkeley. Baby Boomers push for free speech. Musk’s critics: Sinking ever farther into the depths of stupid. Never in my lifetime have I witnessed such a procession of goofiness, ignorance, lying and stupidity as that being paraded on the occasion of Elon Musk purchase of Twitter. Even days after the purchase agreement... Read more »

Democracy dies in ignorance.

“Democracy dies in darkness.” –Washington Post slogan. As if the Washington Post owned by left-wing billionaire Jeff Bezos, a mouthpiece for the woke way, is our guiding light. A beacon leading us out of the darkness of so-called conservative mis- and disinformation, and into the bright landscape of truth, as defined by blind partisans. This... Read more »

I'm as old as Biden and I'm truly worried about his cognition and well-being.

Read his body language. Oh, and our own well-being. For much of the right, President Biden’s obvious mental and physical decline are a matter of humor and the subject of jokes. Lord knows, I’ve done some of it myself. But his deterioration is much more than a laugh. It must be taken seriously. Believe me.... Read more »
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