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I Really Enjoy Going to the Movies

Well, it is about time. Worthwhile movies finally coming out gives us the opportunity to go with friends, family and of course; date night with my husband. Without mentioning specific company names, there are numerous ways to save money going to the movies. Some offer discount days, senior discounts, reduced prices for children, and first show of the... Read more »

Asking for great service might be the way to get great service

I had a terrific experience at an I-PIC theatre on Sunday. My husband and I enjoy going to movies and we are very happy that some new ones are finally coming out. I had 2 complimentary passes for Premium Plus Seating. Now there are some fancy theatres that offer bigger and more comfortable seats, but... Read more »

My Love Affair with my Key Ring App



Save Money-check, Have Fun-check, Speak up when necessary-check.

 It is always a challenge to make the most of a short trip or vacation without breaking the bank. My husband and I just returned from a relaxing few days in Milwaukee and Door County and wanted to share the experience. We decided we needed to get away one more time this season. Went to Saugatuck... Read more »