I Really Enjoy Going to the Movies

Well, it is about time. Worthwhile movies finally coming out gives us the opportunity to go with friends, family and of course; date night with my husband. Without mentioning specific company names, there are numerous ways to save money going to the movies. Some offer discount days, senior discounts, reduced prices for children, and first show of the day discounts. Some movie theatres have better prices on certain days, but some locations in the same chain offer different discounts. It can be confusing but like anything else, you need to do your research.

Many of the chains offer rewards programs. I am always amazed when getting tickets that when a customer in line is asked by the employee selling the tickets; “do you have a reward card” and how many people don’t. For one chain, it costs nothing. Another chain charges $10.00 but the perks are worth the money. You will get free drinks, free popcorn and even with enough visits, a free ticket. Why not do this? There are also ads in the paper offering free screenings and sites you can sign up for to get emails of advance screenings.

To make the process even easier you can put the information in your contacts or your Key Ring App, (I posted about this previously) and just have your phone with you to pull up the account number. We all know how attached we are to our phones.

Think about these options when you go to the movies. Enjoy, save money, but please turn off your phone, don’t talk, and don’t put your purse or coat on the seat next to you leaving single seats. Really inconsiderate when the theatre is busy, but I will save that speech for another day.

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