What does clutter look like to you?

We all have clutter to a certain degree whether in our heads or on our desks. For now, let’s concentrate on the physical clutter, the kind you can see. It is how we react to it that makes us different. Do you deal with clutter or just pretend it isn’t there? Do you walk around it or step on or over it? If not, how do you deal with it? If I have too much on my desk piling up, it makes me crazy.

If easily distracted, you probably welcome the phone ringing or text message sound so you have a real excuse not to deal with it. Are you the first one out the door if you see a neighbor? A cute baby or a playful pup walking by; now that is a real reason not to clean up and organize! There is always something else better to do.

When people say they don’t have time to clean up, I want to say to them that it takes more time to make cleaning up and organizing a project than just dealing with putting things away as they come up. It then is just a way of life, not something on your ‘to do list’. I do admit as I am finding out helping people that this trait doesn’t come easily to everyone.

While it seems natural to me, maybe you excel at something else and that something, whatever it is, becomes a challenge for me. My mother’s motto used to be; A place for everything and everything in its place. Maybe it was your mother’s motto as well. I am sure my mom didn’t make it up. Let me know your thoughts, your challenges and let’s keep the dialogue going. I will help you get there.

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