The girl I met in the elevator when I was going into 3rd grade

I remember it like it was yesterday. We were moving from the suburbs to the city, actually to a tall high rise on Lake Shore Drive. We moved around quite a bit for my dad’s business and while it was always challenging, this was the 4th move and I was only 8 years old. Born in New Jersey, then to another city in New Jersey, Greensburg, Pennsylvania then Wilmette and now to this big building.

My mom and I were on the elevator going up to the 34th floor where our new apartment and life would be. We were moving from the suburbs and a house. This was going to be quite a different experience. There was a girl on the elevator that looked about my age. My mom said something to that effect, of course embarrassing me by the statement. Her name was Vicki and she was a year older. She lived on the 14th floor with her dad and siblings. Her mother had passed away. She was 9. I thought that was very sad.

We became fast and furious friends. We played with Barbies and Trolls. They were quite the rage and I still have them to treasure all these years later. Vicki used to make macaroni and cheese for us. It became a favorite thing to share. We spent all of our free time together and even though there were times we fought, we always made up. I guess that is what good friends do.

I lived at that apartment building for 5 yrs. Then my parents got divorced and my mom, brother and I moved to Des Plaines. I honestly don’t remember how or why we lost touch. I just know that we did. We spoke periodically and wrote letters.  She went to college in New Orleans. I remember visiting her and noticing the biggest roaches I have ever seen in my life on the streets.  To this day, they give me the creeps.

We stood up at each other’s weddings. She married a doctor and relocated to Seattle. When she came to town, she would give me advance notice and we would get together. One time she called me while in town for a visit I didn’t know about ahead of time. I knew it meant her father had passed. His name was George and that is what she called him.

Vicki had changed her name. Let’s say it was Suzy, which it wasn’t, but I feel she is entitled to some sort of privacy. She had three children and as a parent and wife became a person who I didn’t relate to as much. She just did and felt things differently than me. We did get together as families a couple of times. Once we went to Seattle and another time we met in California to go to Disneyland. Both were arranged on my suggesting the  idea. I tend to do that. I feel if I don’t make an effort, then I am partially to blame if the communication is lost.

I haven’t talked to her in years. I have no idea where she is or how she is or anything else about her. She would never be on Facebook so I don’t see that as an avenue to seek her out. She is one of the very few people from my childhood. As I mentioned I had moved around quite a bit and that doesn’t bode well for continuing friendships, especially when young. Maybe this exercise will stimulate another way to find her. If you happen to be reading this; “Suzy” know that I would love to hear from you.


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