My Love Affair with my Key Ring App

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I love organization. Hopefully, you know that about me. I like neat, concise, and lack of clutter in my life. That leads me to today’s blog title.

Imagine getting rewards for automobile repairs, hotels, movies, restaurants, department stores, pharmacies, butchers, bakers, but I don’t know about candlestick makers. Hope some of you baby boomers remember your nursery school rhymes.

Do you have favorite loyalty/reward programs? Did you know you can get free meals by using a certain app? You can make a reservation at a less desirable time and get more points. More points equal more dollars towards more free food.

Prior to my relationship with my key app I carried a pile of loyalty cards tied with a rubber band in my purse. If the rubber band broke, there was always a hair tie or an envelope to help keep them in order. None of this was practical and it was also heavy to carry around.

One day I sat down with all my cards on my lap and listed them all on my key ring app. I took pictures of both sides so the name and account number were always handy and alphabetized with account numbers all at my fingertips just waiting to be used. Imagine my delight at scrolling through my phone finding my extensive list just waiting to be utilized earning me points, dollars, credit for visits; you name it. I was loving my key ring and my key ring was loving me.

In one week, I experienced a movie at no charge, free coffee and a delicious pizza at one of my favorite restaurants. I also find that businesses tend to have a different attitude when they know you are a frequent and loyal participant.  I might just be imaging that.

I must advise you it does take a certain amount of organization to make the most of this app and its benefits. With proper planning, you can be an expert too and impress your friends in the process. Did I mention you would save money as well?

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