Have you noticed that we aren't really paying attention?

I think technology is great, but I do think so many people behave like they just can’t live without it. Our lives have so many distractions and we are doing multiple tasks and think we are being effective, but I don’t think we are.

Do you notice how people that always have their phone on them and misplace it for a second actually go into a full blown panic? How did we manage without these devices? Today’s young kids are very smart. They always want their parents’ cell phones as they know they must be pretty terrific toys as the parents are always playing with them. I have been out to dinner and seen everyone in the family on their phones. I can’t imagine the purpose of going out to dinner. Wouldn’t it be great to connect and have a meaningful conversation?

I was texting with a girlfriend this week about finding a time to meet for a walk or lunch. I said I was busy Monday and Tuesday. Her response was, “how about Tuesday?” I texted the guy who does my hair and asked if he could fit me in Wednesday or Thursday morning. He said; sure…how is 9:30? Well, that is fine, but you didn’t tell me what day! I walked out the door the other day to meet a friend for lunch. I told my husband who I was meeting and where I was going. What did he do? Exactly, what I would expect. He called me on my cell and asked where was I going. To be fair, I am married to a great guy, but he never was really into the details.

I am not sure of what would work so I felt like I was being heard. Should I say, “hey, I need you to pay attention to what I am going to say or text now?” Does that mean I don’t expect you to pay attention when I don’t ask? I remember reading about a technique in a college psychology class called “mirroring.” This is when one person says something and the other person repeats back what the person said. That is to make sure they really understood. The more I think about it,  this pertained to marriage counseling. That is another topic for another day.

Let me know if you have this problem and if so, what has worked. Maybe you just accept it. Wait, what did you say?

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