Asking for great service might be the way to get great service

I had a terrific experience at an I-PIC theatre on Sunday. My husband and I enjoy going to movies and we are very happy that some new ones are finally coming out.

I had 2 complimentary passes for Premium Plus Seating. Now there are some fancy theatres that offer bigger and more comfortable seats, but these seats recline and come with a blanket, pillow and free popcorn. The only challenge with these seats is that you might be so comfortable you could easily fall asleep.

We did some errands and by the time we got to the theatre there were only 2 seats left for the show we wanted to see and unfortunately, they weren’t close to each other, not even in the same vicinity. I was quite disappointed. This particular theatre isn’t very close to us and going back at a different time wasn’t an option.

The girl behind the counter was very empathetic offering different times or movie options. One selection was in 3D. I tend to get a bit of vertigo so that wasn’t appealing. At this point, I decided to practice what I preach; YOU WILL NEVER KNOW IF YOU DON’T ASK. I asked for the manager and explained my situation and frustration. I was very nice, polite and persuasive. I asked her if some of the seats pre-assigned were singles and wondered if they could be moved. I gave her my cell number and told her we would be walking the mall and if she found a solution to please call me. I believe in people wanting to please and I had a good feeling about her ability to make this happen.

About 30 minutes later, my cell phone rang and the original girl at the counter said she and her manager were able to move things around and we had 2 seats together. She made my day so I decided to make hers. I promised her I would contact corporate and sing their praises. I kept my word and wrote a complimentary email about both of these ladies. Corporate contacted me and thanked me for taking the time to convey my positive experience. Think about it. Such a little act on their parts and on mine and all this good karma came from it. I believe what goes around, comes around or one good deed deserves another. Whatever mantra you use or believe in, next time someone has a chance to do something great for you, let them, by simply asking. Just make sure you tell a few people about it. Trust me, everyone will feel better about it. Pass on your positive experiences to me. I would love to hear about them.

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