Gaming Mogul Paris White speaks on the power of not giving up

Gaming Mogul Paris White speaks on the power of not giving up

“It takes courage to be successful!” @BishopTDJakes

Paris White is on a mission to change the gaming world. He is ambitious, smart, and determined to help change the lives of children and all lives with whom he comes in contact with. A quick candid conversation was held with this Gaming Mogul in the making to discuss what’s next, and to learn a little more about him. Listen in…

What are you working on for 2021?

In early 2021 I will be introducing and releasing LEGENDARY TRIVIA CARDS.  A trivia card game geared around African American Leaders, Artists, Athletes, Inventors, and Scholars.

I will be finishing up the 2nd Book and Board Game of THE URBAN LEGEND series titled “THE URBAN LEGEND Fall Olympics…Going For Gold.

Working a Poetry Book titled “Urban Love Letters” A collection of work reflecting the Power, and Spiritual Connection of Black Love

February 2021, The Whites LLC is organizing a Black History Month “Are You A Legend” children’s book drive.  To help encourage young readers to put down their phones, and pick up a book.  We will be donating a total of 15 Books, and Board Games to local shelters.

What is it that you want the readers to know about you?

Everyday is an adventure for me.  I love to come home and share the hilarious events of my day.  I enjoy the excitement of laughter and fun, and I see the humor in most things.  I love listening to the stories of my parents, grandparents, and older acquaintances; the exaggerated ½ truths of back in the day.

Tell us about a time that you wanted to give up but didn’t.

At one point in my life at the age of 29, when my daughter was 3, the path I was on, came to a dead end.  I was broke, jobless, and about to be evicted.  I looked in the mirror and saw a little boy, holding a little girl in his arms crying.  I couldn’t help him, so I asked God to help me, help him.  After giving my life to God, I was put on a new path that led me the spiritual prosperity, love, and inner peace.

What is a mantra that you live by?

“I don’t want to grow up, I’m a Toy-R-Us kid” and “Believe in your dreams, they do come true”

Name three words that describe you and your business.

Afrocentric, Adventurous, Entertainment

Who was someone that you looked up to and why? 

My Parents: My Parents worked hard to shield us from the hardships they faced.  As I became an adult, I understood the reality of that struggle and generational inequities. I can only admire, and respect, the mental fortitude, and patience it took to charter a path for my brother and me.

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