Victoria Randle dishes on The Secret Cocktail® of Success

Victoria Randle dishes on The Secret Cocktail® of Success
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Victoria Randle is a nurse entrepreneur who came from very humble beginnings. At the age of 15, she witnessed the murder of her own mother and become orphaned. Struggling to graduate high school while working full-time and living on her own by the age of 16, Victoria made a way out of no way.

After enrolling in night school, Victoria was able to graduate high school and moved from Indiana to Georgia at the age of 19 on her own. Unsure where life was leading, she became a CNA to help make ends meet. Excelling in her chosen career, she enrolled in college by the age of 23 to become a registered nurse. Three degrees later, Victoria is now a Certified Family Nurse Practitioner giving her the ability to provide Georgian’s with access to healthcare.

For years Victoria always had the desire to start her own entrepreneurial endeavor but without any guidance felt very defeated. With perseverance and sleepless nights of research, she finally started the nonprofit organization New Beginnings Career Center in 2015, an education center devoted to helping others with similar stories obtain an education.

Victoria is also the CEO of The Secret Cocktail® founded in 2018. The Secret Cocktail® is a business consulting firm that helps entrepreneurs develop CNA schools in all 50 states. In the past 3 years, Victoria has been able to grow this company to national recognition touching over 100 CNA Schools in the United States. Becoming a CNA was the foundation for Victoria’s new life and this company has enabled her to bring everything back full circle. By empowering other entrepreneurs with the knowledge they need to be successful and helping to develop CNA’s all over the nation, Victoria is finally living in her purpose.

We sat down with Ms. Randle to The Secret Cocktail…

Victoria was going into the final quarter of the year. How do you plan to finish strong?

One thing about me is that I treat every quarter like it is the final quarter. It is my goal with my company The Secret Cocktail® to enroll 15 more women into my CNA School Business Building Mentorship Program by December. The Mentorship Program is a self-paced blended course with online video instruction and one on one guidance for clients. To date, I have helped women in over 10 states who are in the program gain approval and open their own healthcare training schools. Those who have completed the program have a 100% school approval rate. I can’t wait to help the next group of women open their schools in 2021. 

What can people expect for you in 2021?

I am so excited about the growth of the company in 2021. Our company timeline is full of innovative ways to solve problems current school owners face. We will be launching a directory of CNA instructors all over the nation. Many of my clients have problems finding qualified candidates to help them teach due to the federal regulations surrounding the program. Since our company has already built such a strong network with the CNA school community, we want to use that commodity to create a directory that will help connect school owners with instructors all over the world. 

We will also be hosting our second annual Mastermind Retreat in July 2021. This is a three-day conference where CNA school owners from all over the US come together to learn strategies to grow and enhance their school. We bring legal experts, marketers, and analytical gurus to help the school owners protect their business and find ways to increase their revenue for the following year. In entrepreneurship, I really want everyone to reach an income level they never thought they could achieve. 

What advice do you give to the woman who wants to give up?

Just when you are at a place where you want to give up, keep pushing yourself. That means something huge is on the other side. I have wanted to quit so many times, I lost count. The two darkest places I have ever been was when I lost my mother to domestic violence at 15 and in nursing school when I went homeless. Both times I could not see the light but something deep down told me to push through. Your journey is a part of your story and your story is meant to give someone else hope and courage. If you give up then you are taking away so much from the people you were meant to touch and who they were meant to touch and so on. Remember that! Your story has a purpose even if you don’t see it at that moment. 

What is the mantra that you live by?

“Can’t” is not even a word in my vocabulary. I tell myself that often and I tell my kids that daily. I never limit myself by telling myself I “can’t” because I know that is not true. I always have the option to give up and say that I can’t or I can keep at it until I figure out how to break the code. Giving up and saying I can’t is NEVER an option. If you practice that and believe that, you are going to win every time. 

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