Amid Covid-19 Lora Williams continued to pivot by starting an online nursing program.

Amid Covid-19 Lora Williams continued to pivot by starting an online nursing program.

In early 2020, Covid-19 changed our lives forever. For the first time in history, a global pandemic caused businesses, schools, and stores to close to protect public safety and leaving us to question; how do we survive,

Meet Lora D. Williams,  a Registered Nurse with an innovative edge. During COVID she felt that it is important to continue to educate, cultivate, and equipped the next generation of health care professionals. More specifically Nursing Assistant. She recently launched an online CNA platform that Career school owners can utilize for their lecture and a didactic portion of their program. 

Tell us about your desire to help others start a medical career?

I started as a Certified Nursing Assistant (C.N.A.) at the age of 16 in San Marcos Texas. My grandparents raised me and I wanted to ensure that I was equipped with the skills and education needed to provide care if they ever required my support. I didn’t have the privilege to be able to sow into their lives in that way but my desire to be prepared to care for them led me to enroll in a C.N.A. program at Gary Job Corp in San Marcos Texas.

My experience at Gary Job Corp was pivotal to who I have become today.  I had an amazing C.N.A. instructor named Mrs. Welch. She operated beyond her role as an educator to ensure that I understood my potential and my purpose. Her words pierced my heart in such a way that I shifted my childish viewpoints and became determined to excel.

Obtaining my C.N.A. certificate was tangible proof that I was capable to be more and it ignited a passion to serve the elderly.

I have a desire to help others start a medical career and other service-based careers because I understand what it means to not know your full potential. I have seen the impact accomplishing a goal can have for individuals who may have failed in other aspects of their lives. Like me, they may have hopelessness in response to the circumstances through which they have had to walk. An opportunity like this provides direction to those who were undecided on their path, and it can spark purpose within some who weren’t aware they have the capacity to impact others.

Why are you starting a school in the middle of a pandemic?

My husband Cedric and I wrote out the vision for Williams Career School of Excellence in 2011. It is providence that we’re officially starting both an online and brick and mortar school for service professionals in the middle of a pandemic.

We understand the importance of adult education with workforce skills. Accomplishing our certification in our respective industries opened doors of opportunity that would ultimately enable us to thrive and overcome cycles of poverty. Our vision is to equip individuals and their families with the tools and skills that can lift them out of poverty and position them to seek out further career development opportunities throughout their lives.

As a nurse who has led assisted living, memory care, and long term care facilities, I understand how staffing shortages can impact the quality of care that is given to seniors. My husband and I are resolved to establish a new culture and standard of care in the senior living industry by training and developing healthcare professionals who understand their purpose, their gifts and talents, and their opportunities to encourage others to do the same.

What programs will your school have starting off?

We have a big vision for the first five years of operation of our school. Initially, we have set out to offer the following courses: Nurse Aide, Medication Aide, Patient Care Technician, Phlebotomy, HVAC, and a computer literacy program for seniors.

How can people sign up?

Prospective students can go to and complete an interest form to be notified of our announcements and upcoming info sessions.

How can we stay connected with you?

You can reach me on the following social media outlets and via email

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