20th Ward Alderman Candidate Jeanette Taylor harass opponent 89 year old grandmother and we have receipts


The days of leaving family out of political attacks are long over according to self-proclaimed activist and  20th Ward Aldermanic hopeful Jeanette Taylor.

I guess it’s not enough to pay a journalist to smear campaigns.

I guess it’s not enough for major unions to throw thousands of dollars behind their political campaigns that Taylor has mentioned on several occasions; “she does NOT apologize for”.

I guess it’s even not enough, that despite the failure to submit a statement of economic interest (the purpose is to highlight potential conflicts of interest that may compromise a person’s ability to work on behalf of the public). which is equal to us regular folks filing taxes. What happens when you don’t properly file your taxes??? You guessed it …. audits, fines and if you’re a celebrity…jail time. Yet the Board of Elections thought it was okay… sounds like politricks at its finest but moving right along…..

Enough became enough for Kevin Bailey last night…

Last night, Kevin Bailey’s 89-year-old grandmother, who resides in East St. Louis, Illinois received a concerning, threatening and harassing telephone call from the phone number (773) 966-4707. Grandma Bailey never resided in and has never been a registered voter in the City of Chicago. Kevin’s grandmother was so extremely disturbed that she felt it necessary to leave Kevin a voicemail identifying the harasser by name, unknowingly identifying his opponent and was concerned that Kevin Bailey was in some danger (why else would someone from Chicago call an 89-year-old grandmother 400 miles away?)

Voice message here:

As it turns out the telephone number, 773-966-4707 is associated with Jeanette Taylor’s political office in the 20th ward.


Anyone who would stoop so low as to intimidate, agitate and harass senior citizens should be disqualified as a candidate for any office at any time!! Jeannette Taylor and her office behavior is egregious, unethical and downright disappointing.

Unfortunately, this is not the first time Jeanette called my grandmother!! (What!) Therefore, this action can only be described as intentional infliction of emotional distress and extreme and aggressive harassment. Jeanette will soon hear from Bailey’s personal legal counsel.

“I’m offended and outraged by my opponent’s disregard for the rights of the elderly… I’m offended and outraged by my opponent’s intentional targeting of my 89-year-old grandmother,” said Bailey.

Grandma Bailey and Kevin Bailey will also make a formal complaint to The Illinois Department on Aging, Cook County and St. Clair County’s States’ Attorney’s offices and the Illinois Attorney General’s office.
All 20th Ward Residents, Seniors, and Residents of the City of Chicago and the State of Illinois should and will find the actions of Jeannette Taylor and her campaign alarming.

Kevin Bailey is here to protect all of the residents of the 20th ward, but specifically and to fight for those who are unable to fight for themselves. “We have to protect our grandmothers and grandfathers against the type of harassment that Jeanette Taylor is doing,” said Bailey.

How low will they go to snag the seat in the 20th Ward??? Stay tuned

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