Category: Self-Love and Self-Growth

How You May Be Keeping Yourself From What You Actually Want

The nature of life is change. Everything is changing, all the time. Everything is temporary. Life runs in cycles. What we lose, always come around again in another form. In order to feel at peace, we have to embrace, or at least accept this simple fact of life: life is about change. And we also... Read more »

"Why Is The Universe Messing With Me?"

This week, one of my dating coaching clients said to me, “I feel like the Universe is trying to mess with me andĀ all I’m doing isĀ minding my own business! Why???” And the answer I gave her is this: “The Universe wants you to grow so you can move forward and find an amazing partner. So... Read more »

What We Are All Yearning For. And Why We Can't Find It.

In the world of love, we have been taught to look for chemistry. And compatibility. And while those things matter, of course, what we are all really seeking and don’t know it is this: a soul connection. First with yourself, and then with another person. The problem is, this elusive type of connection can only... Read more »

Dating Is Not About This

Dating is not about finding your person. Or a person. Most people don’t understand that dating is never about finding love with another person. Dating is about learning to understand your own patterns and changing what needs to be changed if those patterns have not gotten you what you want or deserve. In order to... Read more »

Is It Love Or Is It Projection?

Many of us decide we want to keep a relationship going at any cost. Even when our partner reveals themselves to be someone we didn’t want them to be. Even when our partner does not protect the sacredness of our relationship. Even when someone betrays our trust, repeatedly fails to show up for us, or... Read more »

Act As If To Feel As If

How we feel about ourselves is the foundation for everything in our life, especially relationships. When we love ourselves unconditionally, we choose partners who do as well. We feel attracted to healthy and loving people. And we know how to sustain deep connections. When we struggle with self-love and self-acceptance, we are attracted to people... Read more »

If you're wondering if they're interested, they're probably not

The number one criteria another person must fulfill before you decide to invest your time in them is a clear and consistent demonstration of their interest in you. And a clear demonstration of interest in you equals consistent effort. If someone keeps you wondering about their level of interest in you, their level of interest... Read more »

The Truth About Dating and Relationships

Hello ChicagoNow Community! I’m so excited to be writing my first blog post for my new blog “Dear Dater!” If you’re reading this, you’re likely in the dating world, looking for love, or trying to level up your relationship game. You are in the perfect spot. I have been a psychologist in private practice for... Read more »