My name is Dr. Tari Mack. I'm a Clinical Psychologist, Relationship Expert, Speaker and Author based in Chicago and author of the dating book titled "Every Relationship Is A Test." I speak nationally to audiences about dating, relationships and how to identify what your "work" is in order and stop repeating the same unconscious relationship patterns over and over.

If you're reading this, you're likely in the dating world, looking for love, or trying to level up your relationship game. You are in the perfect spot. I have been a psychologist in private practice for over 15 years and am now an author, speaker and coach with a passion for helping all of us understand the recipe for attracting, creating and becoming LOVE. I want you to hear this: If you want to find yourself in an amazing relationship full of potential, you're going to need to be open to focusing on YOU. Your blind spots (which I will help you see), your frustrating relationship patterns, your limiting beliefs about yourself and others, your childhood wounds and triggers (come on, I'm a psychologist, of course we're going there), your energetic vibration (stay with me), your gifts, your strengths, your potential, and your relationship with yourself.

This blog is meant to help you transform your way to the relationship you've always dreamed of. Or to help you figure out how to change the one you're in. Much of what we've been taught about dating and relationships has steered us wrong. And most of us were not taught HOW to create and maintain healthy relationships - what the essential ingredients are and how to ensure that we are showing up as healthy, healed and mature people so we can be healthy, healed and mature partners. That's why I'm here. Stick with me and get ready to learn a new view on dating and relationships and to collect all of the essential ingredients you need to transform yourself, your relationships and your life. I'm excited!

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