If You Believe You Won't Meet Someone, You Won't


Here is what many people in the dating world don’t know: our thoughts create our reality. What we believe, we see. What we don’t believe, we can’t call into our lives. One of the things I help people with in my work, is eliminating their scarcity mindset. If you believe you will never find love, you won’t. It won’t show up for you out of the blue as you continue to believe you can’t have it. It just can’t happen this way.

You MUST get to a place where you are CERTAIN and EXCITED that you are moving toward the love you want and that you will meet someone at any moment. Living in this certainty, this excited anticipatory state will call your person in. Without it, it’s likely never to happen. If you use history as evidence that you aren’t meant for love, remember, that you need to grow and shift to attract love. If you haven’t yet done that, you’ll continue to play out old, disappointing patterns. History exists the way it does because you weren’t ready. You didn’t yet have the skills to do the work you need to do to call in love. YOU need to change something before things can change. In this case, it may be your mindset.

It takes conscious practice and skill to change your mindset from one of scarcity and doubt to belief and certainty. One thing you can try is beginning to VISUALIZE what it is you want. Every day for 5 minutes. It will be hard. Your mind will want to talk you out of it. So you have to decide to commit to this visualization process. The more you focus on what you want, the more you call it into your life. Research shows how powerful visualization can be. Olympic athletes that visualize themselves crossing the finish line first are more likely to do it. So visualization is training ourselves to meet a future goal.

If your goal is to find healthy love, to find your person, you must spend time imagining that reality. And imagining that reality will shift you into belief and certainty. And belief and certainty changes your energetic vibration and allows you to connect with what you want. Be mindful of any fear based thoughts you have. Those need to be gently shifted to more hopeful thoughts. This all takes work and practice. But if you want to change these things, you can.

If you want to meet someone, FIRST you need to learn to BELIEVE that you will meet someone. This is crucial. What you speak and think impacts how you feel and how you act. And what shows up in your life. Contact me if you want help shifting your mindset and building your certainty. It’s the number one way to call what you want into your life. It’s what I do.

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