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CEO Jessica Zweig reveals her superpower. Guess what? You have it, too.

CEO Jessica Zweig reveals her superpower. Guess what? You have it, too.
CEO and thought leader Jessica Zweig has a new book with an intriguing title: Be. A No Bullsh*t Guide to Increasing Your Self Worth and Net Worth By Simply Being Yourself.  To read the book is to immerse yourself in an oasis of sanity and optimism. Whether you’re CEO of a global conglomerate or an... Read more »

Let's make "Finna" the word of the year for 2021. A Q&A with poet Nate Marshall

Nate Marshall’s new collection Finna feels like an open house with the door flung open welcoming everyone. That image came to mind because typically I approach poetry like I approach a get-together. With apprehension. Unsure if I want to go in. Convinced it will feel unfamiliar and like it’s humming along on mysterious rules. But... Read more »

Jacqueline Saper's "From Miniskirt to Hijab" is a story for our times

As Jacqueline Saper shopped for a gift for her husband on a sunny Tehran boulevard in 1979, she had no idea that she was about to witness history. The young Iranian wife had already lived through events that seemed to shift the earth on its axis. In her lifetime, Jacqueline had endured hardships that few... Read more »

Hold On, But Don’t Hold Still! Kristina Kuzmic’s new memoir will change your world

If Kristina Kuzmic were a different type of person, she would be traveling to Chicagoland this Thursday to promote a cookbook. She would be sitting on top of a cooking show empire. She could have been the new face of culinary artistry. That’s the dream that television execs offered her just a few years back.... Read more »