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Just Another Comeuppance Week in America

Between today’s sentencing of Bill Cosby to prison for sexual crimes committed decades ago, and Brett Kavanaugh in the spotlight for alleged sexual transgressions he committed equally as long ago, I can hardly keep straight the number of victims and accusers. What I can keep straight though is that today’s headlines add yet another sordid... Read more »

A Life Worthwhile: Lorraine H. Morton

Evanston lost its first African American mayor, second female mayor, first Democratic mayor, and longest-serving mayor when Lorraine Morton died on September 8th, three months to the day shy of her 100th birthday.  To write that she was a ‘force of nature’ is an understatement.  With her always positive attitude, beaming smile, and genuine interest... Read more »

Reasons Why the Obama Foundation Center Needs to be in Woodlawn

Now that it appears that the Jackson Park location for the proposed Obama Foundation Center (OFC) site may be in jeopardy, I am writing to express my hope that Woodlawn is ultimately selected.  With lots of vacant land or dilapidated property located in Woodlawn, about a mile due west and a few blocks south of... Read more »

Why We Gladly Give Aretha and John 'RESPECT'

I vividly remember Spring 1967 when Aretha Franklin’s song, RESPECT was released.  I was 13 years old and soon to graduate from eighth grade.  In our house, my sister and I took turns cleaning up the kitchen. One Saturday, it was my turn. Contemplating the work ahead of me, washing dishes, cleaning out the refrigerator,... Read more »