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Tips For Those Who Can't Wait to Become Grandmothers

In the spirit of Mother’s Day, I am sending this message to those of you who can’t wait to become grandmothers or who will serve in that role. Here are a few tips to ensure that you are well prepared when the time comes. First and foremost, keep up your exercise routines! If you haven’t... Read more »

Finding the Peace Within

Lately I have noticed that more and more people are stressed or irritated about how they feel the country is being governed and the social discourse emanating from many political decisions. Each day the news seems to bring a fresh assault on people’s sense of well-being. Social media, television and newspapers relentlessly report the latest... Read more »

The Nuns Did Not Discriminate

One persistent issue that the Evanston school board and community grapple with is the academic achievement gap between black and white students. Despite numerous measures instituted to reduce the racial gap in academic achievement, the problem remains. This current problem was not an issue when I was growing up and attending Chicago Catholic grammar schools.... Read more »