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Oftentimes It's Both Black and White

Talking with my husband the other night, we got on the topic of how so many civil rights changes in the country came about due to the combined efforts of blacks and whites. The National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) was founded in 1909 by two whites and one black person as... Read more »

European Princes and Interracial Relationships

Over the past twenty years, three European princes have engaged in public personal relationships with women of color. These three royals have defied long standing traditions which would have all but mandated that they date and marry women from their own racial/ethnic and social class backgrounds. First, there is Prince Maximillian of Liechtenstein. A small... Read more »

Political Accessibility vs. Respectability

It has now been more than a week since the contested mayoral election in Evanston. As of this writing, the winning candidate won by less than a percentage point, and by 111 actual votes thus far. (Final vote tally has not been posted) Fair enough. However, the cost of winning reflects a disturbing election trend... Read more »

Racism in the Soft Drink Industry

I wonder how many people know the racist history of the Coca Cola Company? While many people have heard that Coca Cola used to contain cocaine, fewer probably know that in the 1920s and 30s that Coca Cola by design was marketed exclusively to white people. Pepsi Cola, on the other hand, included within its... Read more »