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Is It True Trump Blondes Have More Fun?

In the 1960s, Clairol hair care company promoted its line of hair dyes with the slogan, ‘is it true blondes have more fun?’ Clairol created many shades of yellow hair, some colors not even found in Scandinavia, but women across America were lured to try out being blonde to see if this improved their social... Read more »

Growing Up Poor and White in America

Two writers who capture the experience of growing up poor and white are Rick Bragg and J.D. Vance. In his 1997 book, All Over But the Shoutin’ Bragg described growing up so poor in northeastern Alabama that the poor black family down the road fed them so they would not starve. Their charity, however, didn’t... Read more »

League of Women Voters So White

A friend emailed me today to get my thoughts on why the League of Women Voters is composed primarily of white women. One of her friends and she, both sensitive to racial nuances, (my friend has black grandchildren; her friend was married to an African American man with whom she has children), had attended a... Read more »

Slaves Were Definitely Not Immigrants!

I remember the first time I saw the way Africans were brought to this country in slave vessels. I was in college and taking a class in African American history. The professor decided to take the class on a field trip to the DuSable Museum of African American History on Chicago’s south side. While I... Read more »

Winners and Losers in Divorce

Today marked the end of one of the longest divorce cases that I know of. The couple had been married for about four years; the divorce took nearly that long to be finalized just a few hours ago. Knowing the emotional, physical, and financial toll the divorce took on the wife over the past three... Read more »