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Does Diversity Training Really Work?

A non-profit organization I belong to announced recently that it had received a grant to support diversity training for its staff. My first response was gratitude that the organization was a recipient of these funds. However, my second response was that this was a complete waste of money and time for the organization because in... Read more »

Hidden Figures: An Apparent Opportunity

I recently saw the movie, Hidden Figures. This true story of three African American women mathematicians who worked for NASA at the Langley Research Center in Hampton, Virginia in the early 1960s was inspiring. I left the theater wondering how I could make certain everyone sees this movie, especially young black girls. Educational research demonstrates... Read more »

Why Friends Disappear

A friend recently commented that she was surprised at apparently how few black friends her son had as evidenced by the small number of black people who attended his recent wedding. What happened to the diverse group of friends he knew while growing up in Evanston? Why weren’t these friendships sustainable in young adulthood? In... Read more »

A Remarkable Woman Named Angeline

Among Midwestern states, Minnesota enjoys a reputation as being one of the easier places for interracial couples to live. It is fairly common today to see black-white couples in the St. Paul – Minneapolis area. However, this was not always the case as the following family story will illustrate. My interest in the topic of... Read more »