The Gift of Time During the Coronavirus Quarantine

Despite the number of people falling ill or worse, dying from the coronavirus, for many of us – the consequences of the quarantine order is not all negative. Hunkered down here in my home, I have had a lot of time to reflect on the meaning of the coronavirus and ponder what it is supposed... Read more »

Well Wishes to My Sister on Her Birthday

Today is my sister’s ___ birthday. I am not about to reveal her age but will note that she is younger than me. I am breaking my promise not to ever write about her. But as relationships between sisters often go – you don’t always keep your promises to each other, especially if there is... Read more »

Reflections on My Trip to Lafayette, Louisiana

I recently traveled to Lafayette, Louisiana for a family gathering. Located in southwestern Louisiana, Lafayette is home to Acadiana, the French-speaking part of the state. Current residents descend from either the Cajun or Louisiana Creole populations. My paternal ancestors were from this region and the family trip was planned to celebrate what would have been... Read more »

There Needs to be a National Yom Kippur Day

On this beautiful morning, seeing some of my neighbors and their families dressed up in their finest clothes and walking to and from the local synagogues in observance of Yom Kippur, the holiest of Jewish days, once again I thought to myself that there needs to be a national Yom Kippur day. Wouldn’t it be... Read more »

Message to Democratic Presidential Hopefuls: Please Start Talking to Us

I sure hope all of the Democratic hopefuls running for president take time to read the Thursday, July 17th New York Times article written by Op-Ed columnist, Thomas Friedman.  In an opinion piece titled, ‘Trump’s going to get re-elected, isn’t he?’ Friedman lays out the reasons why the current group of Democratic candidates needs to... Read more »

One Magnanimous Gesture - Eliminating College Loan Debts

Before yesterday, I hadn’t heard much about African-American businessman, philanthropist, and investor, Robert F. Smith.  However, today his name is firmly etched in my mind. When word of his unprecedented generosity to the 2019 Morehouse graduation class spread across television, radio, and social media, I was at first stunned, and then I began to smile.... Read more »

Honoring my 'Second Mother' - Aunt Audrea

My four siblings and I grew up with a ‘second mother.’ She was my Aunt Audrea, my mother’s older and only sibling, who was divorced with no biological children of her own. When we were children, my parents, maternal grandparents, and aunt lived in a six-flat apartment building on Chicago’s South Side, owned by my... Read more »

This is What Leadership Looks Like

I’ve never been to New Zealand, but it has been on the list of countries I would love to visit for a long time. In the aftermath of the Christchurch mosque tragedy which occurred there last week, my desire to visit New Zealand has heightened. From the numerous accounts I have heard from friends about... Read more »

Toni's Turn-Off

Last night as I listened to one candidate after another concede defeat in the Chicago mayoral election, I started to write a blog about how those speeches were gracious and civil. They were a breath of fresh air after months of contentiousness among and between some of the top candidates. Lori Lightfoot was also gracious... Read more »

Warm Canadian Memories on a Bitter Cold Chicago Day

When I was a college junior in the 1970s, I took advantage of a term abroad opportunity, spending January and February in Quebec City, Quebec, at Laval University. Laval is a French language, research university founded in 1852. Arriving at the Quebec City airport on a sunny cold day, I discovered that my trunk had... Read more »