Keep Hope Alive: The 2019 White Sox

When stuck between hope and a hard (hopefully not last) place, I always go with hope. So here is my Hope/Wish List for the 2019 White Sox.


#10 A declarative, plant the flag year for Yoan Moncada. A year that lets everyone in Chicago and MLB know that he has arrived.

#9   A marketable face of the franchise. Gotta have one. It could be Moncada if #10 comes true. Whomever it is it would be helpful, but not necessary, if they were fluent in Spanglish.

#8   Switch the roles in the radio booth for DJ and Farmer. As everyone knows, Farmer, as a play-by-play announcer, makes an excellent color analyst. That was his role as part of the highly acclaimed Rooney/Farmer team. Let Ed do what Ed does best. DJ would be an upgrade and more than passable

#7   Speaking of broadcasting, can we get Jason Benetti to throttle back on the excitement on some of his HR calls? I take a back seat to no one in my admiration of a Palka laser shot to pull the Sox to within one run of KC in a mid-August game, but it’s a mid-August game against KC! We need to save something for the 2021 AL Championship.

#6   Fewer sacrifice bunt attempts by Renteria and the Sox. Sox tied KC for 5th in the AL in sacrifice bunts in 2018. Managing 101 advises to avoid tying Ned Yost for anything despite the one WS ring.

#5   A breakout year for a position player drafted by Nick Hostetler. Yes, injuries have severely limited the development of many of Nick’s top positional picks, but it would be nice to have some confirmation that Hostetler is the right man for the job.

#4   A Harold Baines-like effort to get Dick Allen, henceforth referred to as #15, into the MLB Hall of Fame. #15 was arguably the most dynamic player in Sox history this side of Minnie Minoso. Yes, Frank Thomas was the best player but #15 could also run, field, throw and his home runs made a Palka shot look like a lazy fly ball. All Hail #15!

#3   More of the August 2018 Carlos Rodon and less of the September 2018 Rodon. Talk about Dr. Jekyll and Mr. High-and-Outside. Check out the following table. Will the real Carlos Rodon please stand up.

August 5 1.80 .149 .520 .914
Sept/Oct 6 9.22 .922 1.024 2.122

Statistics from: Baseball Reference

#2   A Best of Yolmer Sanchez 2018 posting on Facebook. I want whatever Yolmer has for breakfast every day.

#1   Force the Tribune to assign a fulltime beat reporter to the Sox. No more collective of reporters please.


Happy New Year… hopefully.

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