Adios Jose

With a 4-13 record since the All-Star break the Sox have resoundingly answered the question of whether they should be sellers or buyers before the July 31 trade deadline. The only question now is who to trade. Everyone has their own list of trade candidates. But there is only one player who is also on... Read more »

No Carpe Diem for White Sox

The Latin phrase, carpe diem, roughly translates into “seize the day.” It figured heavily in the movie “Dead Poets Society,” where Robin Williams’ character urged his students to make it their mantra-to make the most of their opportunities during their lifetime. Had Rick Hahn heeded that call he would have signed Manny Machado and transformed... Read more »

Baseball Conversion Therapy: Cubs/Sox

Barely a week has passed since Valentine’s Day and it appears many Chicagoans are ready to forsake their long-time love and take up with a new suitor. I am not talking about the aftermath from a bad dinner or a thoughtless gift, but the fallout from the winter of discontent for Cub fans. From the... Read more »

The White Sox and the Great Race of 1967

Baseball is often criticized, with some justification, for its lack of action. Too much time between pitches, pitching changes and the innumerable trips out to the mound are among the usual suspects when lists are made to speed up the game. But put those same imperfections into the pressure cooker of a pennant race and... Read more »

Keep Hope Alive: The 2019 White Sox

When stuck between hope and a hard (hopefully not last) place, I always go with hope. So here is my Hope/Wish List for the 2019 White Sox.   #10 A declarative, plant the flag year for Yoan Moncada. A year that lets everyone in Chicago and MLB know that he has arrived. #9   A marketable... Read more »