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Self portraits – or selfies – have been around since the first cameras were invented. There are times when we are alone, but still want to document our adventures, especially as outdoorsmen. The introduction of selfie-sticks to the market a few years ago took self-photo and video creation to another level. It also offers a different technique of video production.

The selfie stick isn’t a new idea, but the rechargeable Quikpod® Dynamic Power Selfie Stick by re-fuel is. It’s a selfie stick that has a built-in power bank to enable the user to recharge camera batteries or phones, making it ideal for the “off the grid” outdoorsmen to keep devices charged. It has all of the connectors and attachments to mount your GoPro video camera, cell phone and other types of cameras. While it’s touted to work hand-in-hand with the GoPro Hero 4, it’s still versatile enough to work with many other recording devices. A cell phone attachment lets the user easily use this mount to “clamp” their phone securely to the end of the stick for recording video or taking photos. The Quickpod Selfie Stick is also loaded with little features, like a “selfie mirror” located just below the device mount at the end of the stick so you can be sure that you are within the camera’s view. It also has a carbiner hiking clip and tether. But the feature that separates this from all other selfie sticks is undoubtedly the built in-power source. If your phone or camera batteries are running low, simply plug them into the handle via USB port and you’re back in action.

If you plan to document your next off the grid adventure, you need power. All the high-tech recording devices aren’t any good if they’re out of juice. So in addition to the recharging selfie stick, re-fuel makes another essential piece of tech gear — the Go Charger. It’s a mega-power pack that quickly charges your devices and batteries. In addition to charging your phone or tablet, it charges two GoPro Hero 4 batteries at one time. It features a built-in 5200mAh lithium rechargeable battery, InstaSense technology, and a 2 Amp (10 Watt) USB output for rapid charging – allowing for refueling any USB powered and recharged devices up to four times per one charge on the pack.

On a recent trip to Mercer, Wisconsin, I used the Quikpod® Dynamic Power Selfie Stick to get some great footage while keeping my phone and GoPro charged. With a 32-inch extension length on the stick, I was able to get some really cool “fish-eye” perspective videos. The Power Selfie Stick has a hard-rubber handle as well as a wrist strap to help you keep a good grip on it. I plan to keep these in my gear bag this fall for some off-the-grid deer hunts where power sources are limited. But these devices are designed for a multitude of activities like backcountry hiking, camping, boating, skiing and extreme sports. So if you need power in the woods and on the water, you might want to visit their website to get more details on these innovative products for the outdoor adventurer at

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