Top 10 Takeaways from the Bears Loss to the Raiders


I don’t know what hurts most about that one. Thank god for Halloween candy to help me drown my sorrows. I thought that the Bears defense would literally eat a player on the Raiders during the game, but while there was a couple of stand out plays, it was mostly a disaster. If the Bears were able to play the entire game like they did in the 3rd quarter, the score might of been Bears 145 and Raiders 0. Here’s 10 things that I felt stood out from the game:

  1. The rendition of God Save the Queen was not very good. I have better singing renditions when I’m in the shower.
  2. Dick Stockton and Mark Schlereth might be the second most hated broadcast team on Fox. At one point someone needed to tell Mark Schlereth that he was not calling a local Raiders broadcast.
  3. Please don’t ever have the Bears play a game in London. Maybe it was the jet lag that made the defense look more softer than a bed full of pillows. Let’s ban them from playing in London until the team starts playing like the Dave Wannstedt days.
  4. I feel bad for Mack. Whether he will admit this or not it was a big game for him and the team let down the expectations.
  5. I like Chase but this game proved why he has played backup in the NFL. The lack of consistency will kill you. Maybe I’m A second coming of Nostradamus, but before the final drive I said that he’s going to throw a pick
  6. Besides the 3rd quarter the team overall didn’t play well except if your name is Allen Robinson. He has been by far the stand out player this season. The rest of the team will not get to treat themselves to a Spotty Dick on the plane ride home due to the way they played. Before you think I’m being a perv or making a Kyle Long joke go ahead and Google it. It’s an English dish. On second thought, don’t Google that term. You might bring up things that you will be unable to unsee.
  7. Akiem Hicks elbow looked disgusting! It was bulging!! Thank you Fox for showing the replay while I was trying to scarf down my game day meal of chili cheese dogs.
  8. Two highlights of the game were the unbelievable sideline catch by Allen Robinson after taking a monstrous hit. Also, the play by Sherrick McManis to Peanut Tillman punch the football out when the Raiders were about to score was impressive.
  9. Is it possible to use Kyle Long’s dick as an extra man for blocking? The offensive line has been rocky the last few weeks. They need to stop the penalties and get the run game going.
  10. It smells like an animal shit in my garage. I only had 9 things and the title said 10 things so there you go. I’m only kidding. I do have 10 things. I’m not kidding with the fact that I think an animal maybe shit or died in my garage. Tarik Cohen had some spark today especially on the punt, but is anybody else wondering why he hasn’t been utilized much in the offense. Is it the play calling or have teams finally begin to come up with strategies to neutralize Cohen?

This list can literally have 100 of my observation, but I’ll stop at 10. Fans, I’ve said it before and I will say it again. Breathe, please just breathe. It will be just fine. Here’s what I want everyone to do so we can get the bad taste out of our mouths. The Bears have a bye next week so I want you to go pick some apples, head to the Pumpkin Patch, drink a Pumpkin Spice Latte , or do whatever Fall thing your significant other is going to drag you to do. Go watch your kids jump around in corn and don’t think about football! We are going to be looking back at this game laughing when the Bears are in the playoffs and the Raiders are watching from home at 6-10.

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