Top 10 Takeaways from the Bears Loss to the Raiders

I don’t know what hurts most about that one. Thank god for Halloween candy to help me drown my sorrows. I thought that the Bears defense would literally eat a player on the Raiders during the game, but while there was a couple of stand out plays, it was mostly a disaster. If the Bears... Read more »

In Mitch I Trust

I have rubbed my crystal ball and I’m predicting a big Bears breakout victory this Monday night in Washington. Why you ask? It’s because I have this feeling. Call it a Bears fan instinct or maybe in fact I’m blinded because I am a diehard Bears fan. The Bears offense will be on a roll,... Read more »

Lets Breathe Bears Fans

Alright Chicago Bears fans, breathe in and breathe out. Let’s do it five more times. Now proceed to your bathroom, find the mouthwash, and take a swig to remove the dirty taste in your mouth. It was bad, no it was horrible, no it was horseshit. It was not good at all. Let me be... Read more »

Good Boys Movie Review

Sometimes I am a 13 year old boy trapped in a 36 year old man’s body. I like to laugh and a lot of those times those things that I laugh at can be deemed “inappropriate.” So I was incredibly pleased to go see the new movie by Seth Rogen and Universal called Good Boys.... Read more »

Top 3 Tips on Surving Neighborhood Crime and your Neighboorhood Watch Page on Facebook

Well folks, I hate to break it to you but crime is everywhere. After doing some perusing in my Neighborhood’s Watch page on Facebook, I noticed a common occurrence. There has been an abundance of stolen items from cars in our neighborhood (or somewhat close by), which mean that me and the neighborhood watch group... Read more »

Your Guide to Enjoying Today's Sports Filled New Year's Day

It’s New Year’s Day and for some that means dealing with a scrutinizing headache all day due to last night’s previous decisions. For sports enthusiasts, today is our Christmas. It’s a day filled with College football and other sports activities. Plus, we may get a chance to see John Fox get fired.  Last year, the NFL... Read more »

Top 3 Reasons to Attend Naperville's Last Fling this Weekend

The Fling is finally here! Looking for something fun to do this weekend? I suggest checking out one of the best suburban end of Summer festivals out there! Naperville’s Last Fling takes place stars this evening and runs through Labor Day on Monday.  According to their website, the Last Fling offers a wide variety of... Read more »

Suffering from Anxiety, OCD or Depression? Trust me from experience, it does get better.

One year ago from today I had one of the worse anxiety episodes I have ever experienced. Little did I know it would trigger months of horrible panic attacks, nervousness bouts, and complete utter breakdowns. I have always suffered from anxiety, OCD, and depression but nothing ever extreme like this. Let me take a step... Read more »

Thank You Moms for Putting up with Our Shit

Mom’s literally put up with shit on a daily basis. I still remember the day like it happened yesterday. Okay, it happened a couple weeks back but it still feels like it happened ten seconds ago. I will never forget the text I received. I will never forget it. My wife was out grocery shopping... Read more »